Hello World!

NEWS 2017:  Back to Bucharest, opened for business. 🙂

NEWS 2013: I am enrolled at Politecnico di Torino in Electronic Engineering Faculty.

I do the job described in my CV, but only as projects.


I started this site as a site about me, about my work. This will me primarily used to present myself as Artworker/DTP/Graphic Designer.
I use this site as my business card, for people who wants to see my CV (written in three languages: English, Français, Italiano).

If you know what DTP means, you know that “portfolio” is not quite applied on a technical person, as my job is only 20-30% design job.
I’m a professional DTP, a guy who know how to prepare a file to be impeccably produced. I know the languages of the printing houses, I understand what the printing machines are talking to us.

I’m the DTP guy.
Yes, it’s me. 🙂


The blog have two categories: “DTP” and “LIFE“.
I will use “LIFE” to show you how a DTP cook, smile, telling jokes, bragging about himself. 🙂
I will use “DTP” to write about my job as I do it: some hints, how do I see the workflow, how do I process multiple requests, etc. Anyway, there are many websites about this job (wrote by teams); my blog is born in 2012, I cannot compete with them so I will not write tutorials. 🙂


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