About me

I was born in 1977 in a town placed just 80km from URSS = I was an “Eastern Block kid” until The Revolution (1989).

I often see movies/documentaries about communism and sometimes I’m wondering why… maybe the changing of regime came too quick for me to understand it (in 1989 I was 12 years old), so I have a curiosity to understand what happened in those years.
I also watch a lot of World War 2 documentaries and archive images because I (still) cannot understand how people destroyed such beautiful cities. Even I wasn’t born then, I miss those old cities.

I am a bicycle fan and a supporter of the public transport in the urban area.
I often said that I will be old when I will buy a car and I will never learn how to drive, but the times changed and now I’m taking driving lessons. I still hope that I will never need to buy a car, just to use it sometimes (renting), in holidays.

I’ve started doing photographs using some old russian film model (FED4). I do photographs because I want to capture TIME in them. This was the main reason and I feel I didn’t “upgrade” it. My photos I believe they are “time captures” more than “art”. I din’t try, I didn’t learn to do art through photography.

If I have to choose now to learn a new language, this will be German (and it will be a second attempt to learn it).

If time traveling was available and I had to choose only one way, I would choose the past.

I will not refuse a trip to Mars. 🙂

I listen a lot of classical hip-hop (before 2000) and I wear baggy clothes, but I went also to rock events.

My family is Orthodox, my grandfather was an Orthodox priest. I am Orthodox on paper but I don’t practice.

In high-school my Math teacher used to call me “the clown” and often told me that making people laugh will not “secure” my life.

My favorite films… I will choose them by the number of views I did: The Day of the Jackal (1973)The Thing (1982). They are the most “quiet” films I’ve seen (and this is not a joke, I usually use them when I need to relax).

My main reason of giving up living in London was the weather. In some month I numbered 14 days in a row without sun… I realised that I’m a Sun person, I cannot live without it. 🙂

5* classy hotel or a student hostel? ANYTIME a hostel full of young people.


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