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How to make bread at home (quick, cheap, good)

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Craciun fericit! Merry Christmas! Buon Natale!

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Art versus… what?

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Learning Italian

This post will be today about people who love their profession.

I didn’t thought that a course with 20 people, only some of them Italians, the rest with diffrerent levels of the language can be so fun. 🙂
So, we were: two French girls, one German, three from Russia, one from Belgium, one English, I am Romanian, the teachers were 4 Italians… Europe NEVER been so united in one purpose like tonight. 🙂
Another 2 guys from Egypt, one from Iran, one American – made the perfect circle for THE WORLD.
If you’re thinking about the EU as in terms of “united”, Russia is not in the EU, so tonight we were “stronger” than EU. :))

Check this website and find this beautiful people:  🙂

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Romanian Hip-Hop, a short list

I’m in the mood for some Romanian hip-hop.
I said “a short list” but it’n definitely NOT “the shortlist”. 🙂


SDST – Scrisoare de pe Front (ALIEN)

Carbon cu Cedry2k si Guess Who – Introspectii

Bitza – Armele Pregatite Mereu

Bitza cu Tataee – Urmatorul pas

Grasu XXL – Curaj (cu Dj Swamp)

MarkOne1 feat. Bitza – Le-am facut pe toate

Bitza – All star part one

Cheloo feat. Bitza – Vicii

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Prague deserted

I have to write from the start:  I LOVE PRAGUE!  LOVE IT!

No, really, I’ve spent 2 weeks in a camping in Prague and I didn’t want to return home.
Two weeks after the trip I tried every day to find jobs there – I was prepared to move in a second (too bad they don’t speak much English and my Czech is zero).

The pictures below are some Photoshop manipulations, to illustrate global warming and how can a city be affected by extreme weather.
Nothing new, everybody knows this kind of movies… I just found the pictures on my computer and I wanted to share them with you. 🙂

I know, there are not perfect manipulations but my intend wasn’t to create a work of art… 🙂

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Championships in Rabbit Hopping

Danish Championships 2010 in Rabbit Hopping

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