Pictures of wine bottles…

04 Oct

If you have to take pictures of some bottles of wine, will you accept the label not to be read perfectly?
Well, it seems that LIDL Romania did it.

When I see this kind of work (and the only explanation is “they chose a cheap photographer because it’s crisis”) I start to get angry.

The mediocrity… not accepted.
Even ff it’s crisis you will not cut your skills.
Yes, maybe you have to cut the price a little but never accept bad work. Why? Because in couple of years this bad work will be something very ordinary, it will be “you”, you will start to work on this standards and you’ll be a mediocre guy, something that you wasn’t before.

If I wasn’t ok with the money I quit but I never let my work to become mediocre.
I ALWAYS DO MY BEST! And thinking in that way made me the guy I am now = a good professional. I believe that about myself. Yes, there is always a room for improvement but my way is always up regarding my profession.

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Posted by on 04/10/2012 in DTP


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