9/11 in the office

11 Sep

Because today is some kind of anniversary, I will write about this day – but regarding my life: DTP life.
As I said, this website is about me. Not because I am a narcissistic SOB but because I (will) use this site in the future, when I will look for a job (I’m planning a big change of environment 🙂 )

I remember my day on “the big 9/11” so today I will write about the 9/11 2001 and today, 9/11 2012.

9/11 2001: my second true job (besides summer jobs), I was working in a local newspaper in the editorial office. All my life I had this opportunity to work in open spaces. This is good for me, I learn from other colleagues (about their job not mine 🙂 ).
In 2001 my job was splitted in two parts: 8 AM to 12 PM I was acting as Art Director, my job was to create/modify the small advertising for local clients. We called it “colored squares” and I had to do couple of them a day. We had only the idea of what client wanted and I had to do everything: from headline to final product.
On 12PM I had a 6 hours break (I accepted that because I lived 5 minutes distance) and my second part of the job usually started around 6 PM and went to 10PM — do the newspaper pages.
We were two DTP guys on duty and the job was very “smooth” as we acted as a team.
My friend Radu is working now on IBM office in Bucharest (as “Base OS Image Developer for SmartCloud Enterprise”), I kept my job because I like it. 😉

9/11 2001: I was returning at 6PM to work and all the guys were not in office but crowded in the local television studio (across the hall).
Everybody was amazed, not scared but truly amazed… WTF!? Nobody understood what exactly happen, on all the screens in the TV station was images with the smoke, nobody knew how to continue the work that day.
9/11 2011 was the longest working day until then.

Of course all the people started to do stuff for the next edition: I had to change the page 1, the writers started to write about the news, the correctors had to stay late, the guy charged with the photography started to look over the web for photos…

9/11 2012: the day started “easy” in this agency, the client service personnel arrived around 10:30 AM.
I am included in the Creative Department (I am the only DTP here and they didn’t founded an office just for me – so I work in some kind of open space with all Creative Department). Today I was the second at work, after the Creative Director. 🙂
Usually, until the Client Service arrive we have some jobs to do from the day before but I often don’t let stuff to be worked on the second day – for me is simple, as I do the technical stuff.
Today the jobs started to come around 10:30 and was quite a busy day.
A milk producer wanted to re-re-re-modify the layout for the milk package and because the job was passed to me few days ago I had to do the modifications; CEZ wants to print new materials and I had to do brochures based on a page designed by one of the Art Directors (the deal is: they design one page and I continue the work to the final product), some colleague want me to scan some pages, Academica wanted another modifications on their layout, Volvo wanted another press format ad for their new campaign, some logo came in CDR format and I had to convert it to AI and EPS; Parentime (another client) wanted me to look in the archive to find some old material to be reprinted… and now I found some time to write this article. 🙂

If you ask me now, after more than 11 years on the job, what kind of work I like – advertising agencies or newspaper offices, I say that a short deadline (for the newspaper is less than 24 hours, isn’t it?) give people some kind of “order” for the job to be done quickly – and I feel better.

9/11… I miss old America, America BEFORE 9/11, an America I wanted to live in.
Now, I don’t like it as before… (even since then I have many friends moved and working there).

P.S.: Because I have my own system to name a file, finding that Parentime material was les than 1 minute job. The name of the file is: PARENTIME-caiet-ianuarie-2012-150dpi.pdf, very easy to find in ANY server, any computer, any system of folders. 🙂

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