The soap of soaps

10 Sep

While working on this pic I was wondering how to write this article. I had two motives for making this soap… I will tell you both.

1. Recycling
How much of a solid soap people throw just because they cannot use it anymore? If a soap is 100g heavy, I guess that 10% of it is thrown away.
Yes, maybe you will say something about the liquid soaps, but I don’t bear them – they make your skin too smooth – and I don’t like it. I like my skin dry, “with grip”.
Well, if 10% of the solid soaps are thrown away, this solution give you the opportunity to use 99% of a soap.
If you repeat the method, the percentage of using is rising to 99,x%.
This is ecology. 🙂
The method is very simple: we know that soaps are dissolving in water. We collect scraps of soaps (very handy is to store them in a soap small package) and when the box is filled we drop the scraps in a bucked with warm water (or hot) for about 10-15 minutes. After that we put all the solids in a plastic sandwich bag (making a small hole for the water to pour) and squeeze it gently (then hard). We live the bag in sunlight for couple of minutes and the soap is ready. If you don’t like the form you may “adjust” it with a knife or simply wash your hands for 10-20 times and the form will become more “anatomically friendly”.

2. History
I don’t have to say more if I tell you than until 1989 the president of Romania was called “the last stalinist”.
If you’re looking at North Korea, Romania was the same until The Revolution. As I said in About me page, I was an “Eastern Block kid”. (In a trip to Prague I met a dutch couple, about my age. In 2006 they were very open to communism ideas and they didn’t understand why the citizens of former communists countries are happy about the change and how they don’t see that communism is better. I was AMAZED that people thought like that but I understood that if you didn’t live in communism you cannot understand it.)
What is the connection with this soap!?
Well, my grandfather use “the soap of soaps method” to have more “good soap”.
A good soap was hard to find in Romania. Because everything was rationalized (as in North Korea today). From food to soap everything was hard to find.
The issue even appear in some movies (the scene is about the catching an “enemy of the people”):

In the last picture we can see a lot of local currency, a pile of gold, some sterling pounds, a bunch of dollars, some Kent cigarettes and.. . 5 soaps. 🙂

About communism and how good is it maybe I will write more in future posts.
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