My (new) business card

10 Sep

Changing is all around us. The world is changing even we want it or not.
I said that I like the past (in the terms of time traveling) but to continue my life as it is I need to adapt. 🙂

My business card is one of the things I needed to change.

What is on the old model?
A simple design, with very clear informations: name, profession, the softwares I know, my contact details, even a small drawing of myself…

Today I feel something is not quite ok on the old model, something must be changed.

First of all, on my 2006-2007 model, the name is stated very clear.
But you don’t know me, “Cristian Ciureanu” will not ring any bell. 🙂
So, in the first line I preferred to use a clear statement of what I’m doing:

This model is in Italian (I will write in future posts why).
I used my title very clear, on black font, some color play with Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key – as this is some kind of trademark of what we’re doing.
The main software expertise is still quoted there, using the new way of naming them (some inspiration from Adobe, how they made the new icons for their softwares)
Name is not so important, quoted in small font, along with the other contact details.
If somebody will need a “GRAFICO”, my business card show it very clear that I am the one, and I think will “rise” through other business cards.

After 5 minutes the second new model come:

I cut the lines – I felt something was wrong there – too many professionals of my kind use the CMYK motive.
As a plus, my experience is quoted (10+ years) so you’ll clearly know who am I if you decide to call.

Another 5-10 minutes and my mind was set:

Minimal colors (no more fooling around) with CMYK, simple big letters with my title and my experience, the other informations are quoted in black text, regular font.
Not much for a design but I feel it ok.

As a plus (and a contact with the latest gadgets on the web), the back of it have a QR code (pointing to this website). 😉

Now, on a 9x5cm you have almost all information you need if you’re looking to hire a DTP: you cannot miss this card from your Rolodex, you have my software expertise there, my experience (10 years+), contact informations, if you scan the QR code you can read my CV (written in three languages), and if you want to see what are my hobbies and what I’m thinking about the World, you can select LIFE section on this website.

Well, this is 2012 model of my business card.

Though I’m still not decided what model should I print…. the DTP one or the black GRAFICO one. 🙂

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