How do you name a file?

05 Sep


Another article to explain how do I work – not a tutorial. 🙂

How do you name a file?
I work in an agency and I deliver for two separate teams. In fact, I receive files from three art-directors, requests from 4 client service personnel, sometime the secretary come and ask me to scan some files, I have my own projects… how can I put order in this files!?!?
I am the only DTP in this agency, I am the only “link” who send final files to the printing houses, newspaper offices, some other small producers who do big or small stuff.
Something need to be in order here.

I followed an Informatics High-School.
One of the lessons I have learned from my teachers was… I will try to quote: “The programming languages may change in time but here you don’t learn how to use a programming language. You learn how and where to look, how to think when you have to deal with some problem. Do structures, think more logical and mathematical.”
Quote number two: “I am your teacher but when I give you a problem I want to be solved for anybody to understand it. Think about you will programming stuff for carpenters, car drivers, barbers, medical doctors. They will not understand you if you don’t write (code) for them. YOU HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THAT, I will cut your grades if I will not see this in your final code.”
(If you think about it, the Internet, E-mail, Facebook was possible because they were created for anybody to understand it)

Now, I have to name a file for anybody to understand what is inside before open it (nobody have enough time these days)…
I saw/see many was to name a file.
Some of my old colleagues name the files like this:

Think about a file named ends in other computer without that folder structure…

Think about you have to look quickly for a flyer made for Volvo (for example) and you type in Spotlight “flyer”… how can you be sure what flyer is the one you are looking for?
Think about you leave on holiday and somebody have to look on your computer for some files…

My way may not be the best but I think I am ok, when none of my colleagues called me on holiday asking for where I store some stuff.

I name the files that way:


I will explain three of them:

The client is Volvo, no doubt.
We work all the materials for Volvo Romania (I am the DTP for all projects held by this company in Romania). So, V40 guide me about what project we’re talking.
Ladycars – is the glossy magazine where the file will be sent and will appear in it.
210×297+5mm – of course, the dimension for the file – single page, 5mm bleed.
BIC – the client
flyer – of course you get what is about in this file
110x145mm – the dimension (bleed may not be included in the name because all the flyers have bleed)
8noiembrie2011 – this is the date so you will be spared to check the date on every flyer file.

1. The client
2. what is the project (copilul means “kid” in English – this project is only for Romania so I use Romanian)
3. 325×270 – you get it – the size of the ad (untypical dimension so it must be an ad, no?)
4. IASI – this is the town (was a national campaign)
5. alb_negru = black&white
6. 21septembrie – the date – so you will not confuse it with future ads of this client.

Well, this is how I work and I’ve succeeded to work in various BIG projects without any error.
A presidential campaign with advertisement in all country, 30 ads a day and no error of sending the right files to the right publications?
I guess I found a way to name the files “correctly”. 🙂

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