Vector bitmap logo… :)

04 Sep

Vector bitmap logo… no, it’s not exactly a mistake. 🙂

A client service sent me an e-mail with a .cdr file asking me to prepare/check that vectorial logo to be printed on baseball caps.
Opening .cdr files on Mac si not so easy. In fact, Corel didn’t continue Draw for mac since the 11th version. In 2012 Corel is already on X6 version, leaving Mac users in a dark place.
This agency don’t use Corel (in fact, very few agencies still using it) so they rely on one guy to convert all the .cdr files we receive from different clients: me. Am I the DTP guy or not!? 🙂

Back in time, to solve that kind of issues I had two options: to use a site who convert .cdr files ( or to ask a friend from a company I worked for to do this quick job for me (as they use PCs and have latest version of Corel Draw).
Two years ago I installed Parallels, Windows and Corel on my G5 and that solved my problem.

I opened that “vectorial” logo and the image was this:

a Corel file with a bitmap in it, saved with the name “vectorial logo”. (Does is happen often to you? Because is quite often to me to receive this kind of files.)
I asked the client service to call the client to solve the issue – as I was almost sure they have the right files and it was an error. Wrong.
“The client don’t have any other file and ask us to solve the problem with the best methods and results.”

The only solution was to re-vectorise the logo (with the result below).
I applied a work path in Photoshop, exported as “Paths to Illustrator”, open the file in Illustrator, simplify the path (the result of tracing a 67dpi image is not to accurate), working to be as accurate as possible, putting the text in circle (that was easy, as I recognised the Arial font).

I hope they will be pleased with the result and with the final product (the baseball caps).I know this is a simple task to vectorize this kind of simple images, I wrote this article to detail some part of my daily job, of my daily tasks.
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