Mac vs. PC vs. DTP :-)

23 Aug

“- Hello, I’m a Mac.”
“- And I’m a PC.”
– And I’m a DTP! 🙂

I remembered this videos and also I remember a question that almost all interviewers ask me: “Do you know to work on a Mac?”
When I heard this question for the first time I was a little scared about working on Mac. “Something must be very different”, I thought, if people are concerned about it. Well, no.
In two minutes I learned that “instead of using CTRL you have you use apple key” and everything started to work.

As a DTP, there are no big differences between the two workstations.
In fact, if you think, how the operating system can influence a software in a way that you may be not understand anymore how to use it?
The menu are in the same place, the shortcuts are the same, the page look the same… maybe some design on bars but how can this influence your skills? 🙂

By the way, do you like Justin Long?
I saw him in Die Hard 4, he was playing a computer geek and… in this clips he is a Mac. LOL!
I’m wondering when exactly this ads were made… who influences who? This clips get him a role in Die Hard 4 or his acting in Die Hard 4 booked him for this ads? 🙂

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