Hello world!

20 Aug

This is the first article on this blog.

I started this site as a site about me, about my work. This will me primarily used to present myself as DTP.
I use this site as my business card, for people who wants to see my CV (written in three languages).

If you know what DTP means, you know that “portfolio” is not quite applied on a technical person, as my job is only 20-30% design job.
I’m a professional DTP, a guy who know how to prepare a file to be impeccably produced. I know the languages of the printing houses, I understand what the printing machines are talking to us.

I’m the DTP guy.
Yes, it’s me. 🙂


The blog have two categories: “DTP” and “LIFE”.
I will use “LIFE” to show you how a DTP cook, smile, telling jokes, bragging about himself. 🙂
I will use “DTP” to write about my job as I do it: some hints, how do I see the workflow, how do I process multiple requests, etc. Anyway, there are many websites about this job (wrote by teams); my blog is born in 2012, I cannot compete with them so I will not write tutorials. 🙂

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